Braid hints

The answer to the bonus question is... well, uhm, right in your face... sorry carton box of frozen beef (answer to bonus question)

Cut out a strip with a size which is approximately 3x8 square units (whater the specific size unit) cut out a strip with size approximately 3x8 (squares units of whatever size)

Fold the (longest side of the) strip in half and then in a (sort of half-) “twist” as in the photo fold the strip in half (longest side)

Fold out and fold in half to make the slits such that the slits do not extend (to much) into the side (of length approximately 1 unit) make two slits

Refold in the “twist” and start with the first easy fold... fold into braid (-:

After some more puzzling steps for you to find ... will this be the result (-: the resulting braid

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